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Country Name of the Fair Dates Venue Officer Handling the Market
Netherlands Vakantiebeurs Fair 2018-01-09   to   2018-01-14 will be notified Ms. Danojini Weerasinghe
Austria Ferien Messe Wien, Vienna 2018-01-11   to   2018-01-14 will be notified Mr. Jagath Perera
Norway Norwegian Travel Fair, Oslo 2018-01-12   to   2018-01-14 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
India IITT Travel Fair, Mumbai 2018-01-11   to   2018-01-13 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Luxembourg Vakanz Fair 2018-01-12   to   2018-01-14 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Finland MATKA Travel Fair, Helsinki 2018-01-17   to   2018-01-21 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
Spain FITUR International Travel Fair, Madrid 2018-01-17   to   2018-01-21 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Spain Road Show, Barcelona 2018-01-23   to   2018-01-23 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
United States New York Times Travel Show, New York 2018-01-26   to   2018-01-28 N/A Mr. Chameera Peiris
Switzerland FESPO Travel Fair, Zurich 2018-01-25   to   2018-01-28 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
India SATTE Travel 2018-01-31   to   2018-02-01 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Belgium Brussels Holiday Fair , Brussels 2018-02-01   to   2018-02-04 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Israel Road Show 2018-02-04   to   2018-02-04 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Israel International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM), Tel Avia 2018-02-06   to   2018-02-07 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Estonia Tourest, Gallin 2018-02-09   to   2018-02-11 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
Italy Road Show, Rome 2018-02-08   to   2018-02-08 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Italy BIT Travel Fair, Milan 2018-02-11   to   2018-02-13 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Czech Republic Holiday World, Prague 2018-02-15   to   2018-02-18 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Denmark Danish Travel Fair, Herning 2018-02-23   to   2018-02-25 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
Saudi Arabia Road show, Jeddah 2018-02-26   to   2018-02-26 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Saudi Arabia Jeddah International Travel 2018-02-28   to   2018-03-03 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Thailand Thailand International Travel Fair (TITF) 2018-02-07   to   2018-02-11 N/A Ms. Chami Gasnawage
China Guangzhou International Travel Fair and road show in Hainan 2018-03-01   to   2018-03-03 N/A Mr. Chinthaka Liyanarachchi
Indonesia ASTINDO Travel Fair, Jakartha 2018-03-02   to   2018-03-04 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
Germany ITB Travel Fair, Berlin 2018-03-07   to   2018-03-11 N/A Ms. Dilini Ratnayake
Netherlands Road show, Amsterdam 2018-03-13   to   2018-03-13 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Belgium Road show, Brussels 2018-03-15   to   2018-03-15 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Russian Federation MITT Travel Fair, Moscow 2018-03-13   to   2018-03-15 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
France Salon Mondial Du Tourisme 2018-03-15   to   2018-03-18 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Singapore NATAS Travel Fair 2018-03-23   to   2018-03-25 N/A Mr. Kalpa Anuradha
Ukraine Ukraine Travel 2018-03-28   to   2018-03-30 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
Japan Marine Diving Fair, Tokyo 2018-04-06   to   2018-04-08 N/A Mr. Kapila Anuradha
France Salon des Seniors 2018-04-05   to   2018-04-08 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Saudi Arabia Road show in Dammam 2018-04-08   to   2018-04-08 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Saudi Arabia Road Show in Riyadh 2018-04-09   to   2018-04-09 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Travel Fair (RTF) 2018-04-10   to   2018-04-13 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Road Shows in Sarjah 2018-04-17   to   2018-04-17 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Road Shows in Abu Dhabi 2018-04-18   to   2018-04-18 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Road Show in Dubai 2018-04-19   to   2018-04-19 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Arabian Travel Market (ATM), Duabi 2018-04-22   to   2018-04-25 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
China Shanghai World Travel Fair ( SWTF) and Road show in Hanzhou 2018-04-19   to   2018-04-22 N/A Mr. Chinthaka Liyanarachchi
Poland Road show in Warsaw 2018-05-08   to   2018-05-08 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Poland Road Show in Krakow 2018-05-10   to   2018-05-10 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Hungary Road Show in Budapest 2018-05-14   to   2018-05-14 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Korea, Democratic People KOTFA Travel Fair, Seoul 2018-06-14   to   2018-06-17 N/A Ms. Dilukshi Wickremasinghe
Germany Road Shows in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich 2018-06-11   to   2018-06-14 N/A Ms. Dilini Rathnayake
India TTF, Kolkata 2018-07-06   to   2018-07-08 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India Road show in Chandigarh, Jaipur 2018-07-10   to   2018-07-11 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India TTF Hyderabad 2018-07-13   to   2018-07-15 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India IITM, Bangalore 2018-07-28   to   2018-07-30 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India Road shows in Vishakhapatnam, Coimbatore 2018-08-01   to   2018-08-03 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Australia Travel Industry Exhibition 2018-08-21   to   2018-08-22 N/A Ms. Chami Gasnawage
Malaysia MATTA Travel Fair, Kuala Lumpur 2018-09-08   to   2018-09-10 N/A Ms. Chami Gasnawage
Korea, Democratic People Busan International Travel Fair, Busan 2018-09-07   to   2018-09-10 N/A Ms. Dilukshi Wickremasinghe
India Road show in Pune, Surat, Rajkot 2018-09-05   to   2018-09-12 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India TTF, Ahmadabad 2018-09-07   to   2018-09-09 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Russian Federation ODYKH Leisure Fair, Moscow 2018-09-11   to   2018-09-13 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
Japan JATA Travel Fair, Tokyo 2018-09-20   to   2018-09-23 N/A Mr. Kalpa Anuradha
Japan Road show in Tokyo 2018-09-24   to   2018-09-26 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
France IFTM Top Resa, Paris 2018-09-25   to   2018-09-28 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Italy Road Show, Venice 2018-10-08   to   2018-10-08 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Italy Road show in Bologna 2018-10-15   to   2018-10-15 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Italy TTG Incontri, Rimini 2018-10-10   to   2018-10-12 n/a Ms. Shirani Herath
Singapore ITB Asia 2018-10-17   to   2018-10-19 N/A Mr. Kalpa Anuradha
China International Luxury Travel Mart , (ILTM) Shanghai 2018-10-31   to   2018-11-02 N/A Mr. Chinthaka Liyanarachchi
Switzerland Swiss International Holiday Exhibition 2018-11-01   to   2018-11-04 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
France ILTM, Cannes 2018-12-04   to   2018-12-08 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Netherlands Vakantiebeurs Fair 2019-01-10   to   2019-01-13 N/A Ms. Danojini Weerasinghe
Myanmar Come soon 2019-04-21   to   2019-12-31 Hacked By TimeHacker Low System


Mr.Chaminda de Silva on the Event 
2019-01-22 22:35:23
Please be good enough to UPDATE all upcoming events for the year 2019 at your earliest, for the benefit of all SLAITO members.

Mr.Chaminda de Silva on the Event 
2019-01-16 22:24:54
Please let us know about the Matta Fair in 2019 that will be held during 15th to 17th March 2019.

Mr.Bram Claes on the Event 
2018-10-15 21:24:29
Dear Ms. Danojini WeerasingheMy name is Bram and I’m starting up a new Travel Agency with a focus on Scuba diving: DIVEketeers!I really would like to inquire if you are my officer of tourism in the benelux?Would you be so kind to get in touch with me as

Mr.HAKEEM on the Event 
2018-08-31 06:13:37
I would like to register my tour agency call WEGO LESUITE AND TOURISM with slaito Can you give me more details thanks and regards hakeem

Mr.W.Thiyambarawatta on the Event 
2018-07-02 08:00:53
Interested in attending above fair

Mr.Amal Withanage on the Event 
2017-10-06 09:07:21
I need to participate Germany ITB fair.. Please let me know

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