What is SLAITO

The Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators (SLAITO) was formed by Destination Management Companies who have grouped together and created an association in order to lobby on behalf of DMC’s who receive foreign tourists to Sri Lanka.

Other members include foreign Tour Operators and Charter Airlines. SLAITO is the most influential Association guiding and advising those policy makers in positioning Sri Lanka at the forefront of the global tourism arena.

The Association is run by a committee of elected members who hold office for one year and are responsible for pushing forward on SLAITO’s main objectives which are:
  1. The promotion of short, mid and long term growth of tourism by ensuring the provision of services provided for tourists are of an internationally accepted high standard. This includes the commissioning of ‘risk assessment’ reports by independent, internationally accredited, organizations.

  2. The establishment and maintenance of a good relationship with all government bodies, in particular with the Minister of Tourism and his/her Ministry and all other Authorities established by the government to support tourism in Sri Lanka.

  3. Giving support to SLAITO’s Committee who will take all necessary steps to protect and further the interests of members of the Association.

  4. The enablement of the Committee to liaise with and maintain good relationships with all members of the Association, whether they are corporate, partners or individuals in the Tourism Industry.

  5. The establishment and maintenance of good working relationships with reputable international travel organizations to support the achievement of the objectives of the Association and securing expert help and advice from such organizations to further the causes of the Association.

  6. To lobby, through the appropriate channels established by the government, for legislation or regulatory concessions considered necessary by the Association for the successful promotion and improvement of the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka

One voice can scarcely be heard, but when there are many voices, they will be heard and become a force to be reckoned with!!!