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Country Name of the Fair Dates Venue Officer Handling the Market
Netherlands Vakantiebeurs Fair 2018-01-09   to   2018-01-14 will be notified Ms. Danojini Weerasinghe
Austria Ferien Messe Wien, Vienna 2018-01-11   to   2018-01-14 will be notified Mr. Jagath Perera
Norway Norwegian Travel Fair, Oslo 2018-01-12   to   2018-01-14 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
India IITT Travel Fair, Mumbai 2018-01-11   to   2018-01-13 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Luxembourg Vakanz Fair 2018-01-12   to   2018-01-14 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Finland MATKA Travel Fair, Helsinki 2018-01-17   to   2018-01-21 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
Spain FITUR International Travel Fair, Madrid 2018-01-17   to   2018-01-21 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Spain Road Show, Barcelona 2018-01-23   to   2018-01-23 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
United States New York Times Travel Show, New York 2018-01-26   to   2018-01-28 N/A Mr. Chameera Peiris
Switzerland FESPO Travel Fair, Zurich 2018-01-25   to   2018-01-28 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
India SATTE Travel 2018-01-31   to   2018-02-01 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Belgium Brussels Holiday Fair , Brussels 2018-02-01   to   2018-02-04 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Israel Road Show 2018-02-04   to   2018-02-04 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Israel International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM), Tel Avia 2018-02-06   to   2018-02-07 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Estonia Tourest, Gallin 2018-02-09   to   2018-02-11 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
Italy Road Show, Rome 2018-02-08   to   2018-02-08 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Italy BIT Travel Fair, Milan 2018-02-11   to   2018-02-13 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Czech Republic Holiday World, Prague 2018-02-15   to   2018-02-18 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Denmark Danish Travel Fair, Herning 2018-02-23   to   2018-02-25 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
Saudi Arabia Road show, Jeddah 2018-02-26   to   2018-02-26 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Saudi Arabia Jeddah International Travel 2018-02-28   to   2018-03-03 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Thailand Thailand International Travel Fair (TITF) 2018-02-07   to   2018-02-11 N/A Ms. Chami Gasnawage
China Guangzhou International Travel Fair and road show in Hainan 2018-03-01   to   2018-03-03 N/A Mr. Chinthaka Liyanarachchi
Indonesia ASTINDO Travel Fair, Jakartha 2018-03-02   to   2018-03-04 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
Germany ITB Travel Fair, Berlin 2018-03-07   to   2018-03-11 N/A Ms. Dilini Ratnayake
Netherlands Road show, Amsterdam 2018-03-13   to   2018-03-13 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Belgium Road show, Brussels 2018-03-15   to   2018-03-15 N/A Ms. Danojani Weerasinghe
Russian Federation MITT Travel Fair, Moscow 2018-03-13   to   2018-03-15 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
France Salon Mondial Du Tourisme 2018-03-15   to   2018-03-18 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Singapore NATAS Travel Fair 2018-03-23   to   2018-03-25 N/A Mr. Kalpa Anuradha
Ukraine Ukraine Travel 2018-03-28   to   2018-03-30 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
Japan Marine Diving Fair, Tokyo 2018-04-06   to   2018-04-08 N/A Mr. Kapila Anuradha
France Salon des Seniors 2018-04-05   to   2018-04-08 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Saudi Arabia Road show in Dammam 2018-04-08   to   2018-04-08 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Saudi Arabia Road Show in Riyadh 2018-04-09   to   2018-04-09 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Travel Fair (RTF) 2018-04-10   to   2018-04-13 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Road Shows in Sarjah 2018-04-17   to   2018-04-17 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Road Shows in Abu Dhabi 2018-04-18   to   2018-04-18 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Road Show in Dubai 2018-04-19   to   2018-04-19 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
United Arab Emirates Arabian Travel Market (ATM), Duabi 2018-04-22   to   2018-04-25 N/A Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
China Shanghai World Travel Fair ( SWTF) and Road show in Hanzhou 2018-04-19   to   2018-04-22 N/A Mr. Chinthaka Liyanarachchi
Poland Road show in Warsaw 2018-05-08   to   2018-05-08 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Poland Road Show in Krakow 2018-05-10   to   2018-05-10 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Hungary Road Show in Budapest 2018-05-14   to   2018-05-14 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Korea, Democratic People KOTFA Travel Fair, Seoul 2018-06-14   to   2018-06-17 N/A Ms. Dilukshi Wickremasinghe
Germany Road Shows in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich 2018-06-11   to   2018-06-14 N/A Ms. Dilini Rathnayake
India TTF, Kolkata 2018-07-06   to   2018-07-08 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India Road show in Chandigarh, Jaipur 2018-07-10   to   2018-07-11 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India TTF Hyderabad 2018-07-13   to   2018-07-15 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India IITM, Bangalore 2018-07-28   to   2018-07-30 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India Road shows in Vishakhapatnam, Coimbatore 2018-08-01   to   2018-08-03 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Australia Travel Industry Exhibition 2018-08-21   to   2018-08-22 N/A Ms. Chami Gasnawage
Malaysia MATTA Travel Fair, Kuala Lumpur 2018-09-08   to   2018-09-10 N/A Ms. Chami Gasnawage
Korea, Democratic People Busan International Travel Fair, Busan 2018-09-07   to   2018-09-10 N/A Ms. Dilukshi Wickremasinghe
India Road show in Pune, Surat, Rajkot 2018-09-05   to   2018-09-12 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
India TTF, Ahmadabad 2018-09-07   to   2018-09-09 N/A Mr. Viranga Bandara
Russian Federation ODYKH Leisure Fair, Moscow 2018-09-11   to   2018-09-13 N/A Ms. Enoka Gayathri
Japan JATA Travel Fair, Tokyo 2018-09-20   to   2018-09-23 N/A Mr. Kalpa Anuradha
Japan Road show in Tokyo 2018-09-24   to   2018-09-26 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
France IFTM Top Resa, Paris 2018-09-25   to   2018-09-28 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena
Italy Road Show, Venice 2018-10-08   to   2018-10-08 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Italy Road show in Bologna 2018-10-15   to   2018-10-15 N/A Ms. Shirani Herath
Italy TTG Incontri, Rimini 2018-10-10   to   2018-10-12 n/a Ms. Shirani Herath
Singapore ITB Asia 2018-10-17   to   2018-10-19 N/A Mr. Kalpa Anuradha
China International Luxury Travel Mart , (ILTM) Shanghai 2018-10-31   to   2018-11-02 N/A Mr. Chinthaka Liyanarachchi
Switzerland Swiss International Holiday Exhibition 2018-11-01   to   2018-11-04 N/A Mr. Jagath Perera
France ILTM, Cannes 2018-12-04   to   2018-12-08 N/A Ms. Sarangi Thilakasena


Mr.HAKEEM on the Event 
2018-08-30 19:43:37
I would like to register my tour agency call WEGO LESUITE AND TOURISM with slaito Can you give me more details thanks and regards hakeem

Mr.W.Thiyambarawatta on the Event 
2018-07-01 21:30:53
Interested in attending above fair

Mr.Amal Withanage on the Event 
2017-10-05 22:37:21
I need to participate Germany ITB fair.. Please let me know

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